Fetish Hookup Websites

March 6, 2023 Scott Brown

Online fetish hookup sites can be useful for simple connections, but if you are fond of something strange, you will want to get acquainted with dating fetish sites. Unlike wide and vanilla dating services, the application for fetish dating is intended only for those who are involved in the world of perversions. Niche dating sites increase the chances of finding serious game partners who want to explore the same inclinations – much more than if you relied on a traditional flirting site.

Why? Because users are encouraged to leave comments on forums, chat with other members, and even visit local communities to create their perverse community. There are so many fetishes, and there is no mainstream. Everyone chooses what excites him the most. If you are interested in picking fetish hookup websites where you will find the same lovers of different fetishes as you, then continue reading our review on the decent fetish dating sites, and you will be aware of all the intricacies of the submitted online resources.

Fetish Dating

dating fetish begins with common “interests”. Many people who are just starting to use such platforms do not know about all the existing fetishes. This is not surprising, because there are so many varieties of fetishism, and the range of fetishizable objects is practically inexhaustible. However, only a few of them can achieve the level of sexual pathology. Let’s look at the 5 most popular fetishes of our time. Here they are.


BDSM is a subculture that receives sexual arousal during the humiliation of a partner. Often, BDSM can be both a self-sufficient practice that is not related to direct sexual contact, or part of sexual activity. The main difference between BDSM and criminal acts is compliance with BSKM SSC agreements (safe, sane, agreed upon). There is always the word “stop”, which means that all actions must be stopped immediately. This will be decoded as:

The appearance of the acronym BDSM instead of SM was caused, in particular, by the fact that initially slavery/discipline (BD) and domination/submission (DS) were considered a subsection of sadomasochism (SM), which did not suit representatives of these areas. It gives pleasure to sadists to hurt, to masochists to experience it. But dominance and submission are manifested to a greater extent at the psychological level, the erotic exchange of power and, to a lesser extent, at the level of physical actions. Not all masochists obey, and not all subordinates love to experience pain. Not all sadists dominate, and vice versa, not all dominants are sadists. After some discussions with all interested parties, the predefined abbreviation BDDSSM was introduced, which was shortened almost immediately to BDSM. The abbreviation dates back to the early 1990s.

girl bondage

Best Foot Fetish

Sexual attraction to the feet is probably the most common form of sexual fetishism in which the genitals are not the object of attraction. The appearance of the foot, touching it, the taste, the smell of the skin of the foot and toes, the movement of the fingers, the temperature of the foot can cause excitement. A common pathogen is the smell of feet, while foot fetishism is often combined with an increased interest in stockings and shoes. Interest in dirty feet is also common among fetishists, the appearance of barefoot partners in jeans, stockings, tights, open sandals, slippers, high heel girls, toe decorations, etc. Foot-fetishism is more like attraction to the feet of a woman, common among men. Interest, specifically in women’s feet, is a classic version of foot fetishism that has not lost its relevance for centuries.

But the attraction to male feet among women is a frequent occurrence; however, subject to less publicity due to the perception of this version of foot fetishism as something forbidden and perverted. This is due primarily to the social and cultural foundations of modern society, where, for example, the fashion for open shoes for men was not a constant phenomenon, until the end of the 90s of the last century, unlike the situation with women’s shoes, foot care, in turn, is not a common practice among men.

Thus, the usual scheme is used, according to which, if it is customary in society to cover some part of the body, then this part of the body is intimate, not subject to demonstration and discussion. Nevertheless, in recent years, an open demonstration of male feet, as well as female ones, have become more and more normal, sometimes not hiding a hint of male sexuality, as a result of which more and more women are ready to speak openly about the attraction to male feet. There are many foot fetish app solutions to choose from, so it will not be a problem for you to pick the right one.

bondage hands


Another popular blindfold fetish. Officially, this is called Amaurophilia – sexual arousal experienced by a person during sex in complete darkness or blindfolded. There are several reasons why these people start this fetish. Well, let’s start with the simplest form – the game. The partner blindfolds the partner and does different things with her, and at present, she can only guess what will happen to her next. Also often blindfolded so that the partner can imagine another partner during sex. In addition, many are shy of their appearance, and this method gives them the opportunity not to complicate. The main feature of this fetish is that only one person should be deprived of the right to see.


Passion for big and fat people is called lipophilia. More and more people are abandoning the imposed ideals of the figure. They do not like thin bony girls who have nothing to touch. Such people adore soft full women who are always cheerful and friendly. Previously, such women were outcasts in society because they did not meet the standards adopted at the beginning of the 20th century. It is now fashionable to run XXL fashion shows, the general recognition gives these beauties self-confidence. Now they are not ashamed to go to various public places, as well as create accounts on platforms for BBW, where they like to meet with thousands of men who are fans of BBW.


Among couples who want to realize all their dirty fantasies, a popular fetish is a search for a partner who will be for them a kind of fulfillment of desires. Such a partner is called Unicorn. The term “Unicorn” is used to describe a bisexual person (usually, although not always female) who is ready to join an existing couple, often based on the assumption that this person will meet and have sex with both members of this couple and will not require anything or do something that might cause problems or inconvenience for this couple.

And a couple who is looking for such a partner is in a state of “polyamory”, which is defined as the state or practice of maintaining multiple sexual and/or romantic relationships at the same time with full knowledge and consent of all the people involved.

Decent Fetish Sites

Fetish sites are only for people who experience a deep fetish or crave a certain form or type of sex. These sexual fetishes are sometimes difficult to express in real life, and if your partner is not careful enough, it will be extremely difficult for you to transfer your fetishes and sexual desires to him. There are various types of fetishes, the most popular of them we have already considered. Today we discuss both fetish sites and dating fetish sites in which various types of fetishes participate. We have chosen some great platforms filled with crazy fetishes, and also tell men and women how to satisfy their strange desires. So here they are.

1. BeNaughty

BeNaughty main page

BeNaughty is our other choice of dating sites for couples looking for unicorn women. The site has a long history in the adult dating field and attracting lots of couples, attracted women, men, bisexuals, and unicorn women. With millions of members joined and so many premium features, it can help you quickly find a unicorn woman, couple looking for a unicorn for a threesome or a long-term relationship, especially its powerful advanced search tool that you can use to find local unicorns wherever you are. Now, if you are couples looking for unicorns or a unicorn woman seeking couples, it is still perfect.

2. MenWhoLikeBigWomen

MenWhoLikeBigWomen wants big women to know that they are not alone and that there are people who want them. More and more men love big women. Thousands of active users support this trend. If you are one of them and loved big beautiful women and wanted the girl of your dreams about it, then you came to the address. Size doesn’t matter for dating, but willingness matters. The good news is that you can find here both old black BBW and new black BBW, without fear of being appreciated by other people. Dating BBW is no longer a forbidden thing. Big women impose different concepts of attractiveness and beauty.

3. AdultFriendFinder

Founded in 1996 and with millions of members to date, Adult Friend Finder is one of the most established and most popular dating websites for finding couples, swingers, threesomes, hookups, affairs, and even traditional dates and partners. But that’s not all — Adult Friend Finder is also one of the most affordable sites in this niche. It won’t cost you anything to register (via desktop or mobile), add your info and photos, specify your interests, browse profiles, see who’s online now, receive match recommendations, and join the AFF® Sex Community, among other things.

AdultFriendFinder main page

4. BiCupid

BiCupid.com is the world’s largest online unicorn threesome dating site for bi couples, bi singles & polyamorous relationships. It has been established since 2001 and 17 years old, there are millions of members now so that you don’t worry about you can’t find your perfect match. If you are bi couples, unicorn hunters, and looking for unicorn dating, threesome dating for a long-term relationship, BiCupid.com is your best choice for finding a unicorn. Joining the site and using features like “Lets Meet”, you will get a great chance to meet your potential unicorn.

5. Perversion

Perversions.com is a hidden gem among the fetish dating community. Neatly designed, the site is easy to use and makes searching for potential matches hassle-free, and reviewers claim this is what leads to the site’s high matchmaking rate. Perversions.com also offers users access to private cam rooms, fetish chat rooms, community blogs, and more. Signing up is free, but to access everything the site has to offer, you’ll need to upgrade your membership to a Silver or Gold plan.

Silver members can view and contact members, show up in searches (after Gold tier members and before free members), contact new members, unlimited access to live and recorded videos, and 24/7 phone support.


A fetish is classified as fixing on an object or a specific situation that leads to sexual arousal. It may also include an obsession with the physical parts of the body in a sexual sense. Human sexuality is very complex; in combination with the views of society on sexuality, this can cause a person to feel ashamed or need to hide his sexual preferences, fetish, and strange ideas about what excites them. Many times, people will marry or remain in a long-term relationship, but will not be satisfied with their sex life or partner.

They can hide their passion for high heels and stockings, their obsession with feet and legs, large breasts, or even the desire to be a cuckold. Many of these people will be unsatisfied sexually and will look for it elsewhere. This is a shame because sharing and enjoying the fetish with a partner can have a very positive effect on the romance and the sex game in a relationship. We all have a date of perversion or fetish, which we fantasize about, but we don’t know how to.

Make it works, but deep down we know that turning our fantasies into reality will be an experience that we will not forget in a hurry, оf course, it’s impossible to list all fetish sites in one review. Still, it is worth noting that on the online resources we presented to you, you will most likely find a person who will be on the same wavelength with you, and your preferences will coincide, and you can give pleasure to each other.