About the Best Lesbian Dating Apps

March 6, 2023 Scott Brown

Dating online is fun, but not every dating app will help you to find a perfect match. If you have been seeking your female soulmate for some time and yet no results, maybe you should change your strategy. By researching lesbian apps during some time, we have seen different platforms. We test them, learn about them and see what users say. So, we know everything about the best dating app for lesbians you should try.

Lots of women say that finding a lesbian dating platform can be tricky as most dating services cater to straight singles. We have good news: there is a decent number of good lesbian dating apps that cater to lesbians only or the LGBTQ community. So, you are going to explore a bunch of great dating apps through which you will meet beautiful women.

Why apps? Apps to meet lesbians are simple yet effective. Everyone spends a lot of time on their phones, so having a nice app installed on your iOS or Android device will help you to meet women on the move. We like lesbian apps as they present outstanding designs and very easy to use. They are full of female members who are strong, confident, and full of love to share.

A good app for meeting lesbian singles will make you feel confident too. It is a great way to connect with other women, chat, meet up, travel together, and build romantic relationships. Popular dating apps for lesbian singles that we are going to discuss in this article are lesbian favorite places. Here they feel like at home: no one can judge them! So, keep reading our article and learn about the top places for lesbian singles to seek love.

Reasons to Use a Lesbian Dating App

Why would you seek single lesbians online and not go to LGBTQ club? There are many reasons why singles choose to use dating sites and apps instead of meeting people in real life. You can, of course, go to the nearest bar and seek girls who match our fantasies, but you would not know whether she is lesbian or bi and how she would react if you tell her you like her. You can also join an LGBTQ+ advocacy group and meet like-minded people, but it can be difficult to spot the right person and find out whether you two match when there are other people around.

Most people just pick their phones and head to dating sites to search for love. Dating online has many benefits starting from convenience and ending up with the ability to find female partners from abroad. For example, many people are attracted to foreigners. You may be interested in meeting an Asian or Latin girl. With a dating app, meeting a soulmate from abroad is much easier.

lesbian dating apps

A recent study showed that about 65% of people in the US had or still have dating profiles. It proves how popular and convenient dating online is. There are many reasons for joining the best lesbian dating app. Some of them are curiosity, getting attention, finding friends, travel partners, casual dating, long-term relationships, and marriage. For lesbians, joining a dating app is a way to see how many lesbian women out there looking for love.

Unfortunately, society does not fully accept the LGBTQ community, so a dating platform can be a great place. Those women who use dating sites and apps that cater to lesbian only say that feel more confident being around like-minded people and it gives them the strength to fall in love and be happy.

Pros of Popular Dating Apps for Lesbian

As we have already discussed earlier, there are plenty of good reasons to become a member of a popular dating app for lesbians. You can see the pros of using top lesbian dating apps below:

Now you know all the good things about becoming a member of one of the popular dating apps for lesbian.

Best Lesbian Apps You Should Try

There are dozens of new as well as well-established, and known dating apps that welcome gay, bi, transgender, and lesbian singles. We reviewed a great number of popular apps and are willing to share the best ones, in our opinion. So, we are moving to the most interesting part of the article – the list of worthy dating apps for lesbian.

Top 10 Apps for Dating Lesbian


Lex has been one of the leading platforms that accept singles who belong to the LGBTQ community. What we love about the platform is that it has zero tolerance regarding any abuse and discrimination. Lex does its best to make lesbians feel comfortable and supports them by giving them “space” to meet with other like-minded women. It is a healthy and loving community that moderates all posts and has the right to delete any content that may offend and hurt its users. In order to find love or sex partners at Lex, you have to create an account and detail your desires and romantic requirements.


We love Bumble since it is not just a platform for dating and finding partners for long-term relationships. Bumble is a network where people can socialize. Also, Bumble is a place where women can find useful contacts and build up their careers. So, it is the whole world of opportunities for your personal, social and professional life. Bumble is a healthy space for lesbians who respect and support each other. So, install the app, sign up and create a detailed profile to make other users become interested in you.


Lesly has a very similar interface and features to the Tinder app. Using the app is straightforward: install the app, sign up, add your photos and details and start swiping girls’ profiles. Lesly will become a great place for lesbian and bisexual women who look for friends, dates, and serious relationships. There are two options to search for girls in your neighborhood or around the world. Since Lesly is popular in many countries, finding a foreign girlfriend can be easy. The platform offers a stunning girly interface with lots of features for quick connections. Apart from looking for sexy girls yourself, you will be offered matches according to your personal traits and your romantic requirements.


Her is a fantastic dating app for lesbians that was created and is operated by women only. You can expect an incredibly friendly community once you join the platform. Apart from giving women from around the world the opportunity to chat and build a romantic relationship online, Her schedules events when women can meet other females and enjoy the feel of the community. Her works perfectly when it comes to meeting women by location. So, you can meet stunning girls in your area as well as review profiles of lesbians from other countries. Her is a great place to spend your free time and socialize with women of the same sexual preferences online.


Bounce is not a strictly dating app for lesbian and bisexual women, but it welcomes women of such sexual orientation to join the platform and meet sexy singles. Bounce has all the necessary features in place to help you find matches and set up long-awaited dates. The app encourages its users to not delay possible dates but “check-in” and get ready for dates tonight. One of the features of Bounce that we find very interesting is that users can choose where they would like to go for a date. Having dates set up is very simple: when you both like each other, you make a match. So, do not be shy to “like” as many people as you want to increase your chances of making a match. Bounce app will do most of the work for you, so if you are someone who struggles with making decisions, get the app now.


Scissr is one of the best free lesbian dating apps as it caters to female users only and provides much interesting content daily. The app would be great for you whether you look for a one-night stand or a female partner for a long-term relationship. So, the app caters to all relationship needs and helps women to connect fast. Install the app, create an account and add as many photos of yourself as you wish. It is a safe place to connect with women in your neighborhood for a date, friendship, or conversations by mutual interests. The only thing you should know is that Scissr is available for iOS devices only.


Lesbian Tinder app is probably the most famous as everyone knows the name of this dating app. The good reason to install the app on your iOS or Android device is to have access to a huge number of singles around the world. The dating app is more famous as a one-night stand app, yet there are many cases of users building long-term relationships and even getting married. Using the app is easy: install it, register, and add some hot photos of yourself. Since most Tinder users crave adult content and feel comfortable when discussing their sexual desires, do not be shy to upload sexy pictures. Once you set up an account, turn on your location and see how many hot girls are nearby. Swipe lesbian profiles and connect with girls who you fancy.


If you like video content more than anything, this app is the right place for you. Once you join this lesbian sex dating app, you will be able to watch videos of hot female users and upload your own video content to gran users’ attention. Fem has easy search tools: you can search for women by your criteria or just swipe girls’ photos until you spot a hot one. What is amazing is that Fem is a free dating app, so you can join it anytime and send unlimited messages to women who you like. Also, Fem will help you to find sexy lesbians in your area as well as from other countries. So, you can expect much fun and meaningful connections.

Lesbian Apps

Are Dating Apps For Lesbians Safe?

All the apps that you have looked through are safe, secure, and reliable. Lesbian apps for dating especially care for their users’ comfort as the LGBTQ community often faces discrimination and abuse. By joining one of these apps or a few at the same time, you will be surrounded by like-minded people who come from love. Some of the listed apps can be used anonymously, and however, if you are interested in meeting women in real life and building a relationship, you should show yourself off.

The basic rule of protecting yourself when using a dating app is never share sensitive information or give your bank details. Modern dating apps have “report users” or “block user” options which will help you to get rid of anyone who tries to disturb you. Overall, dating platforms for lesbians are very friendly, warm, and supportive. If you lack understanding in real life and struggle with finding people who would accept you as you are, then you should certainly become a member of one of these platforms.


So, we are coming to the end of the article and want to say that you are lucky to have a great choice of dating apps. No matter what platform you choose, you will feel safe. There are lots of opportunities to meet lesbian and bi women who look for friendship, dates, and true love. With these top-ranked apps, finding new friends and women with who you can potentially build a romantic relationship with becomes so much easier. You should read users’ reviews and learn how beneficial online dating is.