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March 6, 2023 Scott Brown

We only truly live when we feel positive emotions. It can be a pleasure in creativity, a pleasant trip, or some other interesting event. And you must have a great partner next to you, who makes every minute more emotional and colorful.

Of course, everyone has their interests. For example, let’s say you become disillusioned with monogamy and serious relationships. You want to avoid the routine and monotony that makes life boring. Moreover, you are extremely interested not only in the gender of a person but in his inner world, character, and feelings. It’s great that the modern world offers great opportunities for you. There are many pansexual dating websites on the Internet where you can find a partner for fun, flirting, and sex. And this is where our review will come to your rescue. Because we will tell you about pan sexuality and what adult services can help you find your perfect soul mate.

What Does Pansexual Relationship Means

The term pansexuality has emerged recently. Because there was a small number of terms defining a person’s sexual identity: heterosexual, homosexual, etc. But lately, they started asking serious questions – “what is pan sexuality”, “is pansexuality real” and looking for answers. We will tell you some theoretical information on this topic.

The prefix “pan” at the beginning of a word comes from the Greek language and means “all” or “everyone.” The American GLAAD Association defines pansexuality as sexual identity based on attraction to people of any gender or gender (or regardless of gender and gender). The word “pansexuality” has a synonym – omisexuality: the Latin prefix omnis is synonymous with the Greek pan. Miley Cyrus interestingly explains pansexuality in an interview with OUT magazine: the singer says that being pansexual is to exclude gender as a factor in the relationship between two partners.

Pansexuality has its flag – a 4:3 panel with three colors: pink at the top (it symbolizes women), blue at the bottom (it denotes men), and bright yellow in the middle (it is for non-binary and gender-non-conforming people). There is even a special pansexual test that allows you to determine whether people belong to this type. According to a 2016 GLAAD survey, approximately two percent of young people (18-34 years old) identify themselves as pansexual, in the older groups of respondents, the number of pansexual people does not exceed one percent.

The pansexuals of this revolutionary orientation are convinced that taking for granted the attitude “I will only fall in love with women” (or men) is like saying, “I will only have tender feelings for blondes.” Gender is no more to pansexuals than hair or eye color. We are not focusing on the criminal but looking for high feelings. This orientation implies that the person does not think at all about the problems of the sex of the partner. They can start dating a pansexual woman, and after a few days, start a relationship with a pansexual man.

Man, woman, transsexual, intersex (this is a politically correct designation of a hermaphrodite), androgyne (like intersex, combines male and female qualities at the same time, but we are talking about psychological rather than physiological characteristics), bigender (undecided a comrade who today runs with a drill at the ready, and tomorrow walks on heels), the main thing is personality. This is how the “lords” differ even from the bi because the latter often say that, with all due respect to the courage of transsexuals, they are not physically attracted to them.

By the way, usually, pansexuals first identify themselves with bisexuals, but then they realize that these frames are too tight for them.

Pansexual Dating Sites

Why Do You Need to Choose Free Pansexual Dating Sites?

Many different options allow you to start dating with pansexuals if that’s the decision you made. For example, you can start meeting on the street, looking for like-minded people through friends, etc. But this approach has several disadvantages. This can be a very long process. You remember that about two percent of people consider themselves to be pansexual, don’t you? Therefore, finding a partner can take a long time.

Collaboration with real pansexual dating sites is a much more effective method. Because in this case, you have many advantages. You don’t need to meet people on the street for fear of rejection or misunderstanding. Right after registration, you get access to a huge user base who share your beliefs and interests. In this case, finding a charming and interesting sexual partner becomes much more enjoyable and effective.

Also, you save money by partnering with pansexual sex dating sites. Because traveling to other cities and dating pansexuals is costly. Of course, some adult services offer a communication option only after replenishment of the deposit, but this is still cheaper than buying tickets to another city.

Of course, it is important to choose a quality pansexual sex dating service that has important benefits. Therefore, we recommend that you conduct a thorough analysis before registering and pay attention to important aspects.

List of TOP Adult Pansexual Dating Apps

So, you know all the theoretical information you need, thanks to our review. It’s time to move on to practice and register for a quality adult service. You understand that cooperation with random pansexual dating sites has a lot of risks. But analyzing each service can take a lot of time. And this is where our review will help you. Because we have already analyzed well-known pansexual sites and can recommend the best options.


Perhaps the most famous pansexual adult site. The company has been operating since 1996 and has already gained an excellent reputation among users. It is worth noting not just a rich work experience but the presence of a large number of functions. The chances of finding a partner here are very high, and the site is open to both heterosexuals and pansexuals. Simple registration procedure, nice design, excellent functionality, and adequate cost of a monthly subscription. Rating – 9.4/10.


Another good option that suits pansexual dating. The company offers excellent conditions to its clients. Most of the profiles are verified and well-detailed. So, you can read all the important information about the user (after all, the inner world and interests of the partner are very important for pansexuals). This approach allows you to understand how your relationship will develop and make your search as efficient and comfortable as possible. Rating – 9.3/10.


One of the best pansexual adult sites where you can find a partner. The service has been working for almost 20 years (founded in 2003) and managed to help many people become happy. They work with both bisexual and pansexual users. A pleasant interface, a high-quality and well-optimized mobile application, and a rich set of features are important advantages of adult service. Moreover, the company offers a flexible system of discounts for regular customers. Rating – 9.2/10.


Another good option for pansexuals. The adult site is owned by the world-famous CupidNetwork Corporation. It is a reliable company with an excellent reputation among users. Moreover, each adult site has its characteristics and guidelines. PinkCupid collaborates with lesbians, but pansexual users can also be found here. And most importantly, a high-quality search allows you to quickly find them. Rating – 9.1/10.


An excellent choice if you want to find a pansexual partner quickly and safely. The adult site offers a large number of filters, and also offers filling out the original questionnaire. Other users can read the answers to questions, explore your interests and preferences, and write to you first. All that remains is to take the first step and go through the free registration procedure for the service. The rating is 9/10.


A well-known and popular company, where thousands and thousands of men and women are registered. Yes, the chance to find the right partner for you is great. Moreover, safety is one of the top priorities of the adult service. The firm uses SSL 3.0 with 256-bit dynamic code. Therefore, you can be sure that communication with pansexual partners will be safe. And in case of problems, professional and polite support staff will come to the rescue. Rating – 8.9/10.


An adult service that is also pansexual friendly. Any adult user can register here for free and start looking for a partner. The company offers a user-friendly website (including an excellent mobile application for iOS and Android devices), excellent functionality, as well as a high-quality system of discounts for regular customers. Moreover, the adult site helps to organize offline dates. Over the years, the service has helped thousands of single people find their happiness. Rating – 8.8/10.


Another quality option is suitable for finding a pansexual partner. The company has a wealth of experience and an excellent reputation among users. Each client gets access to a wide range of communication options and an efficient search algorithm. Thanks to OneNightFriend, it has become surprisingly easy to find a partner to communicate with, have fun, flirt, or have sex with. Rating – 8.7/10.


Great choice as the site works with pansexual users. Just a few minutes separate you from registering on the site. Now you can set up dozens of filters or wait for other members to write to you first. Communication becomes as comfortable as possible thanks to a wide range of possibilities. Moreover, adequate prices and a flexible system of discounts allow you to save your money. And a special security system allows you to guarantee maximum confidentiality and anonymity. Rating – 8.6/10.


Convenient and modern pansexual dating service. The adult site has become popular due to its convenience and high-quality functionality. Even an inexperienced user can go through the registration procedure here. And an excellent search tool with many filters allows you to act as efficiently as possible. And most importantly, a wide range of possibilities makes online communication pleasant. The company also offers a user-friendly mobile app and great paid subscription rates. Rating – 8.5/10.


Well, now you know everything you need to know about pansexuality and adult sites where you can find your perfect partner. It remains to take the first step and go through the registration procedure on a quality service (there is a list in this review). Now you need to fill out a personal profile, set up search filters, and use the algorithm. See what matches the program found, and start communicating with the pansexual like-minded person you like. Good luck to you!